The following services are available from 518 Bookkeeping:

  • Weekly and monthly monitoring of all bank accounts, credit card accounts, note and loans payable
  • Review financial statements looking for suggested ways to improve profit with focus on expense analysis as compared to sales with suggestions to improve overall efficiency
  • Monitor Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements and provide final statements at the end of each month
  • Print or email reports for client review
  • Accounts Payable processing as needed
  • Accounts Receivable analysis with recommendations in identifying delinquent accounts
  • Communicate weekly via email and/or phone conversation with at least one meeting in person per month
  • Provide Cost of Sales and Inventory analysis if applicable
  • Teach any techniques to staff required to avoid mistakes and/or improve efficiency.
  • At year end, prepare books and coordinate with your tax preparerInformation needed from client for 518 Bookkeeping:
  • Provide bank statements timely each month, or, access to banking and credit card information for purposes of printing monthly statements
  • Paper files such as POS receipts, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable support.